By 2030, the Arab Region’s Climate Security Network is an active and well-known network representing a wide range of governmental, non-governmental, academic, private sector and civil society stakeholders. The network’s work positively impacts development of integrated and multi-disciplinary regional climate security policies, strategies and implemented programs, based on the development and operationalization of an integrated, regional climate security framework. The network serves as a facilitator for regional cooperation on climate security, knowledge transfer, research, digital innovation, and the institutionalization and mainstreaming of nexus-based policy and planning approaches. It advocates for an integrated climate security approach anchored in related international policy frameworks, such as the SDGs, the Paris Agreement, and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The network’s vision is closely linked to the Shared Climate Security Vision for the Arab Region that was jointly developed by a broad range of stakeholders from government, international and regional organizations, academia, and civil society representatives at the Regional Stakeholder Dialogue on Climate Security held online in December 2020.

Shared Climate Security Vision for the Arab Region

"By 2030, the Arab Region will have the enabling environment that allows decision makers, stakeholders, and the research community to proactively address and act on the emerging complexity of climate-related challenges to attain a regional stability, sustainability, social security and achieve the SDGs. This will be achieved by supporting the operationalization of an integrated policy framework for climate security Nexus perspective that brings benefits across the SDGs and enhances the response to the identified challenges by enhancing synergies and minimizing tradeoffs, mainstreaming climate security concept in planning and budgeting, scaling-up regional cooperation, participatory planning and partnerships, promoting interdisciplinary research, knowledge transfer, training, awareness-raising, digital transformation and enhancing access to sustainable finance".

(Shared Vision formulated at the Regional Climate Security Stakeholder Dialogue in December 2020)