A number of training/capacity building workshops will be organized by the Arab Water Council (AWC) as one of the main activities of the “Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform (NCWR-Pl).” The Training Workshops will be in hybrid form (online and face-to-face) and will be organized and prepared by the Arab Water Academy affiliated to AWC.

This training is intended to assemble a distinguished group of elite experts and lecturers from different partner institutions throughout the region, who will be sharing their valuable knowledge and expertise on key topics focusing on: Expanding the Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) as a key strategic solution and adaptation measure to Climate change challenges and its impact on water resources – from a regional perspective – with a diverse range of case studies on NCWR components such as Desalination, Agricultural Water Reuse, Reuse of Treated Wastewater, Brackish Groundwater, and Water Harvesting, among others.

The efforts and contributions of AWC esteemed development partners from different regional/international organizations in this transformative journey will be highly appreciated, hoping that the participants would benefit from the added value of this learning activity encouraging them to continue networking and participation in other relevant NCWR-Pl capacity development activities, with the ultimate aim of supporting the spreading of awareness and dissemination of knowledge on the importance of NCWR for climate adaptation and resilience in the Arab region and beyond, towards a prosperous future for the coming generations.

Notifications will be sent to all involved experts and members for subsequent training workshops in due course.