Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform


Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform

Brackish Groundwater

Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform

Water Harvesting

Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform

Reuse of Treated Wastewater

Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform

Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse


The Arab Water Council (AWC) has established a Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform (NCWR-Pl) within the framework of the NCWR program initiated by AWC in cooperation with UNESCO and partners in 2016. The Platform has been developed in year 2024 to be up-to-date and interactive. NCWR platform is a specialized communication and expertise network aimed at providing information, statistics, expertise and case studies, consultation discussions, dialogues and workshop outputs, publications, etc… for different types of NCWR. A dynamic interactive "Experts Network" is available in this platform through which direct communication with NCWR experts is a privilege.

Non-conventional water resources refer primarily to recycled and desalinated water, micro-scale capture of rainwater where it otherwise evaporates, atmospheric moisture harvesting such as cloud seeding, fog water collection, etc. Water can be used more than once, provided that, after its use, it is safely returned to the environment with a quality that enables other uses later on. In some cases, these resources represent an important alternative or, at least, a supplement to meet the water demand where conventional water resources are scarce, particularly in arid and semi-arid regions.

The NCWR platform hence comprises five main components: Desalination, Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse, Reuse of Treated Wastewater, Brackish Groundwater, and Water Harvesting.

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