Periodic Award in the Field of Non-Conventional Water Resources

Recognizing the importance of encouraging researchers and specialists to exert utmost effort towards innovation and creativity in the water field, the Arab Water Council (AWC) offers, through its Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform (NCWR-Pl), a periodic award every year for “Creativity and Innovation in the Field of Non-Conventional Water Resources.” The award aims at spreading the benefit from the innovation and from exchanging experiences, success stories and best practices, lessons learned and distinguished researches at the local, regional and international levels. The research, study, project, or innovation submitted to apply for the award may include a scientific or applied study, or a technical creativity and innovation that is considered an added value in the field of nonconventional water resources and its application should help improve the management of water resources towards achieving the desired sustainable development goals.

Objective of the Award
The award aims at encouraging specialists, researchers and all stakeholders interested in the field of water science in different countries, with special focus on the Arab region, to advance their profession and develop their scientific and professional specialization. It also urges them to persistently expand their knowledge using state-of-the-art technologies and innovations as related to the field of non-conventional water resources.

Target Groups
All ages are eligible to apply for the prize, including researchers and specialists working in universities, institutes, scientific research centers, ministries, relevant authorities, civil society, regional and international institutions and agencies, to compete for two of the three awards from among the applicants for the award. In addition, the third award will be dedicated to a distinguished young professional (age less than 35 years) in the field of non- conventional water resources.

Theme of the 2024 Award
Governments of the Arab countries are making great efforts to properly manage their surface and groundwater resources to achieve the desired development. However, with the increasing pressures of population growth rates and the effects of climate change and extreme event phenomena, it will be difficult for countries to provide the sufficient quantities of water required to ensure sustainable development. Water security in the Arab region depends largely on climate change adaptation through developing and maximizing the use of nonconventional water resources (desalinated water, reuse of treated wastewater, agricultural drainage water reuse, brackish groundwater, water harvesting, etc.). These resources provide great potential for adapting to climate change and bridging the water gap between the increasing demand for water and the limited available water resources.

On the other hand, the use of non-conventional water resources faces numerous multidimensional challenges (technical, institutional, environmental, and socio-economic), which requires cumulative experience, knowledge and modern technology, with special focus on environmental considerations, development of institutional and legislative frameworks and rational water management (water governance) to maximize the returns from these resources.

Based on the Arab Water Council’s mission to raise awareness on the importance of the cause of water and its conservation and to intensify efforts to expand the use of nonconventional water resources to support Arab countries in facing the challenges of water scarcity, the Arab Water Council, through its Non-Conventional Water Resources Platform, announces the launch of the rotating award for creativity and innovation for the year 2024. This year award is entitled “Innovation in Climate Change Adaptation through Expanding the Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources” to encourage and advance research, innovations, creativity and modern technologies in this domain.

Prize Value
The Arab Water Council will provide a Recognition Certificate and a Plaque for creativity and excellence in the field of non-conventional water resources to the first three winners. In addition, AWC will cover the cost of their participation in one of the AWC forthcoming events to present their innovation.

Deadline for Award Applications
Award Application Forms will be available by mid-April, 2024. Applicants have to provide the completed Award Application Form and required documents no later than June 15, 2024.

Board of Arbitrators and Research Evaluation
The winners of the award will be selected by a Board of Arbitrators of specialized professors to be chosen by the Arab Water Council according to the nature and subject of the award. Announcing of the three award winners for the year 2024 will take place on the sidelines of the 6th Arab Water Forum scheduled to be held in September 2024 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, or during the celebration held by the Arab Water Council on the occasion of World Water Day and Arab Water Day, scheduled to be held during March/April 2025. The winners will give presentations on the winning research or innovations during this celebration.

Required Papers and Documents
1. The completed Application Form for the award, with attached recent photograph of the applicant.
2. A copy of the applicant’s ID card or passport.
3. The applicant’s CV.
4. An electronic copy of the complete research, study, project, or innovation submitted to obtain the award.
5. A brief summary of the scientific research, study, project, or innovation in both Arabic and English languages.
6. A brief note on the importance of the research in serving countries and societies, especially Arab countries, in the field of water and sustainable development.
7. A completed Declaration Form that the research has not won an award from any other party before, together with a pledge not to submit it to any other party if it wins the Council’s award.