The future of “Water Security” will largely depend on the development of non-conventional water resources (NCWR), which offer great potentials but also include many challenges. In view of this concept, the Arab Water Council, realizing the importance of using such non-conventional water resources as an irreplaceable strategic option, has established the NCWR platform, within the framework of the NCWR program initiated in cooperation with UNESCO and partners in 2016 and has developed a number of related Policy Briefs as basic strategic documents accordingly. The platform has been further developed in year 2024 to be more interactive and comprises five main components: (1) Desalination, (2) Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse, (3) Reuse of Treated Wastewater, (4) Brackish Groundwater, and (5) Water Harvesting.

The aim of the NCWR platform is: to develop and promote innovative technologies that suit the local socio-economic and environmental conditions of the involved states, to enhance and promote research and development practices in the field of NCWR, and to transfer knowledge and exchange of experience among countries to maximize the benefit from their utilization.

To realize this aim, information, knowledge and researches related to each of the NCWR components has been primarily collected and is being updated regarding Experts & Professionals, Publications, Events, Case Studies/Success Stories and related NCWR activities, in an attempt to establish a comprehensive dynamic platform for interactive exchange of information, research, data, expertise, consultation and discussions through the Experts Network in this platform.

A series of webinars will be regularly organized by AWC through the NCWR-Pl with participation of all experts and members of the network for acquaintance with the updated knowledge and researches in the field of NCWR which is one of the main pillars of AWC work plan and focus areas, under the umbrella of Integrated Water Resources Management (For more details see Webinars section).