Through the Regional Climate Security Network (RCSN), technical perspectives will be discussed to serve the current SDG-Facility project activities with respect to data sharing, validation of results, and participation on technical surveys to help better understand the regional context and facilitate building the different countries’ risk profiles for the development of the regional and national case studies.

On the operational side, a series of regional dialogues with multiple stakeholders will be organized as part of the network capacity building activities to develop a shared vision on how climate security, in practice, may cope with emerging trends of climate variability.

The Network is proposed to be a long term entity that could become an essential part of the SDG-Facility structure in the future, assisting in identifying and assessing policy gaps and in providing technical inputs and advisory services for the development of regional policy approaches and implementation plans. The Network will be launched on the last day of the AWC’s upcoming Regional Climate Security Stakeholder Dialogue and will embark on its tasks and operations by the beginning of the year 2021.