The Regional Climate Security Network brings together multi-sectoral stakeholders to help create, operationalize, and implement a regional framework for climate security in the Arab region. The network enhances an understanding of the integrated, multi-dimensional nature and regional context of climate security. It works towards creating an enabling environment among multiple stakeholders across the region for integrated climate security policy approaches and implementation strategies that are based on a nexus approach and combine strategic policy frameworks (SDGs, Sendai Framework, Paris Agreement). In this way, it helps build Arab countries’ risk profiles and facilitates real, on-the-ground transformation towards a climate-secure future, promoting result validation, technical surveys, research, capacity building, regional engagement, partnerships, and integration.

  • Enhanced regional awareness and understanding of climate security as a concept and policy approach
  • Climate security has become an integral part of existing frameworks, policies and programs
  • Regional climate security approaches are integrated, multidisciplinary and based on nexus thinking
  • Increased awareness about socio-economic, security, gender equality and social cohesion aspects of climate change related effects and disasters
  • Enhanced knowledge about climate security based on regional research and information gathering and sharing, making use of state-of-the art methodologies and digital transformation
  • Joint, regional research and innovation initiatives that employ innovative methodologies and protocols based on climate security and cross-sectoral thinking
  • Enhanced capacity among diverse stakeholders in the region to build new understandings and languages of climate security
  • Regional capacity on developing policy approaches and program structures and tools based on the concept of climate security
  • Female leaders acting as regional champions on climate security related policy making and program implementation
  • A multiplicity of stakeholders is working together to address climate security challenges jointly and in innovative ways
  • There is a regional culture of sharing, collaboration, and mutual support in framing a security-aware response to climate change